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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
WTH????? Where in God's name did you get this? In my group,actives can write a sponsor for ANY PNM going to ANY school where we have a chapter. We just want them BEFORE recruitment starts. I have no idea what YOUR group does so I would not speak for it. Perhaps you should return the favor?
Settle down Beavis...I am not "speaking for anyone's group" just trying to clarify what OP was saying. Quote from her post:

Then I heard from a friend in a house...who'd written me a rec herself who was upset that I wasn't invited back.
In everything I've read on GC over the years about recs, usually people have said that while collegiate members can write them in some groups, they cannot write them for women going through rush at the chapter where they are an active member. If I completely misinterpreted that, I hope others will chime in and let me know. I honestly have no idea why this offended you so much when I was asking a simple question and didn't name any NPC groups.
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