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I know future PNM's going through recruitment at UT will probably read this thread. Some will drop out of recruitment when they are cut from the "top tier" sororities and I have to say I am so sad for them. I wish someone would explain what makes a sorority "top tier". The women are wealthier,prettier? Is that how you normally choose your friends?

They have more social opportunities? The sorority my D pledged is not considered a "top tier" sorority. Yet in the last two weeks she has attended mixers,been invited to date events, gone to fraternity pledge lines,had dates to the game,been invited to Texas/OU. She has had plenty(too many if you ask me) of social opportunities!

Yes I will admit there were some sororities that she felt more at home with initially. But she knew that she would be able to find some kindred spirits in any of the groups. I guess dropping and going through as a sophomore is an option if you feel like the "top tier" is the only place for you. Maybe it is. My D is having a great time in her "lower tier" sorority.

I realize that the tier system at UT will probably never go away especially after reading some of the previous comments. Maybe some chapters at UT are better than others. I would like to believe that if you go in with an open heart you will be able to find an amazing sisterhood in any of the chapters if you are lucky enough to get a bid. You will be able be make lifelong friends and fabulous memories regardless of "tier".

If that is what you want. If it's not and you believe you can only be happy in a "top tier" sorority then good luck next year. I wish you the best!