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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
So in a system where at a LOT of schools 2-3 recommendations are required for every single sorority for a viable chance, you're telling me a single recommendation will guarantee a rushee a return invitation? Sure, membership selection is private. And every single girl at Bama and Texas get invited back to every house after the first round. Because that's what you just said. Because anything less than 100% would mean Theta and/or any other NPC sorority would have that policy.

Back in the old days a recommendation got a girl invited back to round 2. There is no scenario where this can continue to be true. Yes, it helps. But the OP said she had a recommendation and therefore had to have been invited back. And you just agreed to that.
What? Where are you getting THAT from what I responded to and wrote? I said no such thing. Goodness, that's some kind of huge assumption and leap you just made. So, I am thinking your remarks aren't directed to me. Because you wouldn't misunderstand in that fashion nor would you put those words in my (or anyone else's) mouth. You're too smart for that. Right? Sheesh.

Without going into MS details, obviously: For some NPC sororities, legacies receive an automatic invite to the second round with the caveat that if their GPA doesn't meet the minimum for the chapter, they will be released after Open House.

ETA: Mercury has left retrograde so that can't explain the misunderstanding.

2nd ETA: every sorority has its own policy re: placement of legacies on bid list(s). No universals there either.
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