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[QUOTE=AZTheta;2441795]Maybe that applies to your sorority, but not to all. Ditto for your statement about the final bid list.[/QUOTE

THIS! DubaiSis, Perhaps she was referring to legacies?

Sorry AZTheta. My supermod powers caused me to hit edit instead of quote and my pithy reply to the OP got posted to your statement. I deleted what I had posted on your post. This is basically what I said:

At the very least, the sorority should've been able to cross reference their party list with the list Panhellenic gave them before the parties commenced. At that time, they would've noticed that the OP's name was missing from the Panhellenic list. That is to say, if she was on the sorority's invitation list. They then could've notified Panhellenic of the problem and the mistake would've been corrected, and the PNM would've attended the party.
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