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Originally Posted by Helpme222 View Post
Then I heard from a friend in a house who'd written me a rec herself (and according to her that should have carried me to first because of their policy) who was upset that I wasn't invited back.
This is inaccurate. Even legacies which are a far cry from mere recommendations are not guaranteed a place on any invitation lists. The only exception is for legacies and the final bid list, but that in no way applies to you.

You had a bad rush. Your friend who is one vote among MANY does not have the power to control the invitation list, and the chapter members are (for good reason) left in the dark over the exact list. So your friend was either speaking out her ass or just trying to be nice and say you were supposed to be on the list.

I would not continue this fight; it will only make you look bad. If you want to try again in the future, really think about what happened. Are your grades REALLY ok? Were you dressed appropriately for rush at your school? Were you weird, uncomfortable, awkward? Have a little sit-down with yourself and figure out what could have been done differently. Then adapt and move forward.
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