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Round one is in the books!

One of daughter's HS friends is also going through recruitment, so she went to the friend's house to get ready. She did send a pic to me so I could see how cute she looked. Her friend is in a different recruitment group, but she knows at least one or two of the girls in her own group, so that helps with nerves some. (She recently started dating a guy and he's in a frat already. He's also been REALLY good at being supportive and helping calm her nerves. I have the sneaking suspicion too that he might be talking her up to some of the actives he knows about her, since he's local to the area. He's not pushing her to any particular, so I'm kinda happy to see him be sweet and supportive. He said he never realized sorority recruitment was so complicated and stressful.)

Parties started at 6 and she finished up her ranking at 11:30. So she's already tired this morning. No call from her Rho Chi, so she gets at least one invite back tonight. They were instructed to pick 4 to put down (in no specific order) and they can be invited back to up to those 4.

So in her order of personal rank -
Labrador Retrievers
This group became her favorite. She said they were the sweetest and most welcoming. She felt very comfortable with all the girls she met. She has no problem seeing herself fit in with them. Their main philanthropy is also her favorite still.

These girls really surprised her at how much she ended up liking them. She expected them to be in the top 4, but not at #2. They made her feel very welcome. All very genuine ladies and seem like a great group. I think she's also glad she didn't go in there with any pre-existing view that the whole group would be just as crazy as her stepbrother's ex was. LOL

Great Danes
She still really likes this group as well. Their philanthropy is also a big draw because she feels it is also personally relevant. The girls are sweet and she can easily see herself with this group as well.

Basset Hounds
She thinks these girls are very sweet. The group dynamic still isn't as cohesive as the other more established groups though. She went in thinking they would probably be her number 5 group, but they were friendly and welcoming enough to beat out the German Shepherds. Although the Basset Hounds are not her favorite, she says getting a bid from them wouldn't ruin her day, since she thinks she could find her place and maybe help with building the chapter during her time as an active.

German Shepherds
This group is one of the older and stronger ones on campus and apparently are very desired by many of the PNMs. Daughter had them at #3 from the informal events and their known reputation. Daughter's friend had started recruitment with a strong desire to like them as well. However, individually, they both completely agreed that this was not the place for them. Daughter said the minute she walked in, she felt overwhelmed and the girls had a very boisterous fake persona going. Almost like they were trying too hard. The group is very pretty and smart overall, and many of the PNMs are still crushing hard for them, but my daughter said nope, these are not the kind of girls I think I can consider to be sisters. (And this right there confirms yet again that my daughter is way too often my little mini-me. I had a sorority at my campus that was very similar. They were the favorite for so many, but from the second I walked in the door, I knew that I wasn't going back there. I didn't get an invite back from them and was quite relieved.)

My daughter says that the speed dating analogy is the absolute perfect description of the first round at least. Everything moves so fast. She also had one active who was a bit shy, but they both bonded a bit over the fact that they both tended to be introverted when they were in uncertain situations and that they both were super nervous about recruitment. I had told her that the actives, especially the newer ones, were likely going to be just as nervous as she was in this process. I think that little interaction emphasized it to her very well.

She will be home from class soon to get ready. Invite pickups are in a few hours. Outfit is ready to go and she did some prep this morning before class.
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