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Originally Posted by TXDG View Post
I grew up in a community like OP's where for a certain set of families, there are only three "acceptable" sororities to join and the social pecking order of women is dictated for life based on their sorority affiliation. If their daughters got cut from all three, the options were 1) drop out of rush and concoct some story about why daughter decided to pursue other interests in college, 2) immediately withdraw from school and enroll in a school that hasn't held rush yet, or 3) transfer to a school where those three chapters are WRCs, get a bid, and then transfer back to prestigious chapter after initiation.

Option #3 has gotten much more difficult to do in the internet age but #1 and #2 still happen every year to a few girls. There was one girl in my high school class who went through rush at Arkansas, somewhere else (can't remember), and finally Baylor before she got her KKG bid- this was all in the first 5 months of her freshman year!!

It sounds silly but kudos to this mom (who is probably experiencing snide comments and condescending looks from her social peers) for allowing her daughter to choose her own path in life.
May be doubtful - if she's from a certain bubble city things change at glacial speed. God forbid she should ever move.
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