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Attending the 3 preliminary rounds, the parade and the final night was so much fun! I had a badge which allowed me backstage each night of the prelims -- the only time the family and state pageant directors get to see the contestants. It's only for 30 minutes each night.

All I can say is this pageant stuff is serious business... it's a lifestyle for many!

I was there to support my friend, Miss South Dakota, but got to interact with the 3 other Chi Omegas who were in the pageant also -- Miss Arkansas, Miss Louisiana and Miss Mississippi.

The contestants stay in several different hotels in Atlantic City, so the "group" they are with are the ones the get to know the best. Miss South Dakota and Miss Louisiana were roommates!

All in all -- a very fun week.

Congrats to Cara Mund, Miss North Dakota who won. She is most impressive.
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