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Originally Posted by UnnaturalBlonde View Post
So I'm a junior in college at a small school and my school hasn't had sorority rush week yet. My first time rushing I had to drop for medical reasons. My second time rushing, I just didn't get a bid. This would be my third time rushing. Should I try again? Or should I give up?
As we have responded to others who've asked this question (or a variation of same) (1) if you don't rush, you definitely won't get a bid (2) we honestly don't know whether you should or shouldn't try. Only you can answer that question.

There are many threads here about re-rushing, with both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. The strongest advice I've seen given includes analyzing what went wrong, and realistically assessing how you have or haven't changed so as to change the outcome of your recruitment.

Your statement about your second recruitment ("I just didn't get a bid") is intriguing. Can you elaborate?
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