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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
Generally the GPA doesn't transfer from an old school to a new one, just the credits.
I'm going to object to your use of the word "generally" as your statement is not true a majority of the time. Many universities will take the student's entire record into account. Meaning, credits *and* GPA will transfer from the transfer school. I worked as a transcript evaluator for a state university for 10 years. I've seen transcripts from nearly every place imaginable and what those schools put on them.

Though, based on the OPs post, it sounds like he's saying that his current school is only showing his credits and not grades. Well, it may not show grades, but the cumulative GPA and transfer GPA may still be on the current school's transcript. If his school is one of the few that gives credits only, no grade points transfer in, then he's lucky. But, that doesn't explain how he managed to have a 3.6. Unless, he pulled from his high school GPA since his transfer credits are 0.00 and no grades have been earned at the current school.

The fraternity may not be checking grades right now during rush, but they may pull transcripts later, prior to initiation. OP better hope that his GPA on the transcripts matches what he told the fraternity.
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