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Originally Posted by Sciencewoman View Post
For some women, the sorority trumped/s the educational experience. Out of 22 women on her freshman floor, my mom was one of two to graduate.
For a woman in the 1940s, '70s, and early '60s, it was probably more important than the educational experience because it was not so necessary, in many people's eyes, for a woman to have a degree. I know plenty of older women who would talk about a brother getting to go to college while their parents refused to pay for daughter's college, or required her to go to work, or a business school.
Back then it was often taken for granted that a woman who got married before getting her degree would drop out of school...heck, back then they expected to get pregnant within first year or two of marriage.
I even remember a couple my age who talked about their parents only paying for one or two years. They had to pay for the rest, or find a husband who would pay for it!

Yes, I was a member of a struggling chapter. We never pledged quota, we constantly were doing COB. Girls resigned left and right so they could live in an apartment instead of the house. It is not fun to go through your chapter closing...and visiting campus seeing another group's name on your house.
It's similar to a death in the family.

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