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Originally Posted by DGTess View Post
What gets me is people's willingness to let it continue.

I come from a tradition where one doesn't go to school in the home state, and seldom returns to hometown after graduation; we follow careers, not geography. But excusing those who perpetuate the "XXX, YYY or ZZZ only" mentality exacerbates what I see as a problem and what apparently others see as "oh, well, that's life."

This whole discussion is reinforcing the happiness I felt when my daughter chose not to rush in Texas.
Yes, this.

And if one of my friends looked down on me because of where my (at present, imaginery) daughter was accepted to school or which sorority she joined, I'd tell that "friend" to go pound sand. No one needs people like that in their life.
I believe in the values of friendship and fidelity to purpose

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