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Originally Posted by TXDG View Post
I grew up in a community like OP's where for a certain set of families, there are only three "acceptable" sororities to join and the social pecking order of women is dictated for life based on their sorority affiliation. If their daughters got cut from all three, the options were 1) drop out of rush and concoct some story about why daughter decided to pursue other interests in college, 2) immediately withdraw from school and enroll in a school that hasn't held rush yet, or 3) transfer to a school where those three chapters are WRCs, get a bid, and then transfer back to prestigious chapter after initiation.
Yes to all of this. I am not saying that I agree with it, but I have personally seen it happen.

I remember vividly several girls moving out of my freshmen dorm before school even started to transfer to Baylor. One would think they could have waited until semester since Baylor has January recruitment but the social stigma of No Sorority or Wrong Sorority was too much for the girl (family?) to bear.

I also remember a girl down the hall from me freshmen year who declared she would be an ABC, which on our campus was one of the 2 (of 10 total) strongest recruiting chapters. She was cut after 2nd round and immediately dropped out, despite having quite a few chapters left.

She re-rushed sophomore year, again declaring that it was with the sole intention of being an ABC. This time I am not even sure she made it past 1st round with them. Once again she dropped, but this time moved out of the dorm and transferred schools. She chose to attend StateU-SmallTownBranch which was definitely a commuter school. However, they had a chapter of her precious ABC. Because this was in the age of semester long pledgeships she had to stay there all year in order to be initiated in January. The following fall guess who was back on our campus wanting to affiliate? And guess what chapter told her no? She was in letters every single day letting everyone under the sun know that she was an ABC, yet she had been rejected by our school's chapter 3x. I often wonder if it was worth it to her. She had the social prestige that her insecurity craved but with absolutely no friends in the organization or any college membership benefits.
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