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Originally Posted by DGTess View Post
What I'm reading here is "her sorority isn't good enough for me". Perhaps that's not what you mean, but you're sending the vibe that "she could do better".

Good thing it's best for her.
Yup. It seems like she can't get past the fact her daughter didn't join a "better" chapter (whether she says that to her directly or not), all so her friends can be impressed.

Originally Posted by Momoffour View Post
I'm not implying that my daughter is too good for her organization. What I'm saying is that in our social circle, there are certain organizations that it assumed your daughter will pledge. (Unless there's a problem with their grades, reputation, etc.) I used to read the stories of mother's pulling their girls at Bid Day and think it was crazy and swore that I would never do that. I didn't once tell her how to order her preferences each day. It was all her decision. I posted this to let people know that it isn't as easy as you would think, especially when she wasn't released by anyone. Her chapter hasn't made quota the last three years. I wanted her to be a part of a chapter that wouldn't be struggling and would be there long after she graduates. I would never speak badly of any organization. I'm sure that they have both strong and struggling chapters, just like there are for my organization. Like I said, she is very happy to have found her home, it's just not what I expected. As a mom, I thought it would be valuable to other moms to share my experience and let them know that it's harder than you think to let them make their own choices.
So she had options and she chose to be happy. Maybe her chapter ends up thriving. Or maybe it ends up closing (although I doubt this chapter is struggling as much as the chapter in the example carnation provided), but she clearly found her "home". Just like you did. She's not really selecting a chapter - none of us do. We're selecting our people. And she found hers.
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