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Originally Posted by TriDeltaSallie View Post
That's how I read it as well. I have to admit, I've been surprised the OP has not been raked over the coals. GreekChat must be mellowing.

Same here; but, I think Mom is getting credit for the fact that she had enough self-awareness to admit that she was projecting her own wants and ego onto her daughter. She does outright say that she came to the conclusion that she needed to let the daughter have her own rush.

Originally Posted by Momoffour View Post
I know that it's also an ego thing for me, because we are very prominent in our community, and would love to be able to say that she pledged one of the bigger, stronger southern houses.

Mom, perhaps you can use your prominent social standing for good to promote your daughter's organization and help end the social stigmas around certain GLOs not being good enough for Southern families. For example, if an acquaintance asks you where you daughter pledged, avoid saying, "Oh....well....she went to Pref for fancy, prestigious, Southern XYZ chapter; but, against my advice she put down lesser, ABC chapter and accepted a bid from them. I tried to talk to her out of it; but, she wanted ABC more."

Instead, you can say something more gracious and dignified like, "She happily accepted a bid to ABC, has made lots of friends so far and is loving it. I wasn't too familiar with ABC at first; but, did you know that they support Such-and-Such philanthropy? I learned that the ABC foundation raised $3.8 million dollars for such-and-such last year alone. What a great organization!"
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