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Originally Posted by Lilymaddy View Post
Thank you everyone who has responded and given me feedback. A few extra details:

Yes, my social media is completely clean. I've never even attended a party.
I worked two jobs in high school but won't be working two jobs in college.
Knowing I can be shy, I watched a lot of advice videos and really put myself out there and tried to always have a smile on my face. Even though I'm shy, I've worked in customer service for a couple of years so I'd like to think I am a decent conversationalist. I guess it probably did come down to recs. I was afraid to ask people in my life for recs because I knew they'd judge me (especially my mom, whom I did not tell I was rushing until after I had registered) for being interested in greek life.

The outfit suggestions for the day were shorts and a t-shirt, jeans and a tank top, or a casual dress. Here's what I wore:

Anyway, thanks again everyone.
Not to be nosy, but how were you planning to pay for sorority membership and activities without your parents' support? The financial responsibility for each member can easily run $2,000+ per year.

Hopefully you will consider trying again, but with recs this time. I second the recommendation for you to meet with the Greek Life advisor. They will be able to tell you if there are informal opportunities for bids (COB) this year or if you'll need to wait until Fall 2018. In the meantime, keep that GPA high, get involved in a few key campus activities, make friends with sorority women, and get those recs lined up!!
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