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My daughter went through recruitment several weeks ago at an SEC school. I had done everything you described! Great rec's for every chapter, fabulous resume, nice outfits etc. I was absolutely paranoid she would be dropped after first round as we were not from that state etc. She got asked back to max per round...and dropped her legacy house going into pref....I was beside myself still thinking she would get no bids as her two pref houses were considered the "top" two chapters....but I kept my mouth shut.....and she got her first choice..
THE moral of the story is, I let her do it....she had several chapters that I considered not as highly rated as her legacy chapter and I was sure she was going to be cut by these other highly "rated" chapters and then the legacy would cut her too.....BUT she told me she wanted to feel comfortable with the girls and not be in the chapter with the cheerleaders and pom pom girls no matter their "reputation".....I, of course, kept my mouth buttoned up but I was worried......In the end she got exactly what she wanted and it didn't matter what mom thought...
If she is happy, that is all that matters.....
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