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Originally Posted by Lilymaddy View Post
I am a freshman at a big state school where Greek life is not very competitive (roughly 13% of undergrads are involved). I decided to rush, even though it was a little out of my comfort zone. There are 12 and we had the potential to get invited back by up to eight chapters for second rounds. The morning of second rounds I got a call from my rho gamma sayig I didn't get invited back by any houses. I understand recruitment is tough, but I'm a little confused as to why I was immediately dropped by every house and didn't even have a chance to continue on in the process. I really felt like I had some good conversations with many of the women at many of the houses. I thought for sure at least a few would see a potential match. I thought I dressed super cute and acted true to myself... I didn't have any recs, but they're not that important at my school so I didn't think they would be a huge deal, especially since I wasn't looking to specifically get into one of the more competitive chapters on my campus. I avoided talking about the 5 "b's" (although one girl asked me where my glasses were from and I answered, so I guess I violated the no talking about brands rule). So my questions are: what could have gone wrong? Should I even bother trying with spring recruitment or COB if none of the houses wanted me this first time? Thanks!

Quick information:
GPA: 3.9, national merit finalist
Service Hours: 200+
Extra-Curriculars: Research, music (7 instruments), photography, volunteering, working 2 jobs

Lilymaddy, while we do not know you or your campus you have been given good advice above.

I notice you may be working two jobs while attending college. Might that heavily interfere with your first semester adjustment to college life?

Are you also on a campus far away from home, where you may more easily become homesick?

Sometimes first recruitment convos can reflect your concerns about college more than you realize and give pause to the sorority women involved. They do not want to be a cause of your poor educational performance by adding the burden of sorority involvement to what they consider vulnerable students.

Please do not hesitate to re-rush in the future after your school life is more routine you have undertaken more self-evaluation as described in all our GC advice here.
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