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I have to disagree. Yes, it is not my school and my organization isn't on campus. However, I have a lot of friends who are Alumnae for other groups and I became very aware as to what the sought after, strong groups on her campus were. When I say strong, I don't mean any disrespect, but to say that all groups on a particular campus are equal would be naive. (Grades, size, recruiting strength, Alumnae support, etc) Additionally, there are organizations that are more numerous in some regions than in others. Being that I'm heavily involved in our community, (Junior League, Women's Medical Auxiliary, etc) I have a lot of Panhellenic connections. The point was that even though my daughter was never uninvited and had a full schedule, she chose a smaller group that is struggling with their numbers. They didn't make quota and are about 30 off from total. In our community, it is assumed that our girls will pledge certain chapters. (Old row at Alabama would be an example.) During Rush, I wanted to tell her she should choose another group, but I kept my mouth shut. Saying that it has been easy would be a lie. When I read about mothers interfering in their daughter's Rush experiences, I really thought it was crazy. After going through it with my own daughter, I can easily see how this happens. I know that she is VERY happy. And the bottom line is that it was HER Rush not mine.
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