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Golly gee whiz, did not get favorite choice. Being a bit sarcastic here of course, but there was a group who really wanted you which to me is important!

Not every GLO is good on all campuses but strong on some. Some as Nationals are bigger and older than some.

Question, is the GLO that offered a bid a good group of girls? Did you enjoy being with them? Are they a good National?

While I am guy, the local I started in 1965, 7 of the of the original (16) guys were from other GLOs, but did not work out so, they came to find a new group. Today, we have the best GPA some years running, the largest house building, more active than any other GLO on campus, strong in campus activities and leadership. We also have a very strong Alumni group who gather for many events through out the year either on campus or where we live. Each game has a gathering of Alumni with a tailgate at the Stadiam (?) with a BBQ on real big grills.

Hey, you really find out that this is the path you should follow! The key would be if you are happy!

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