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DGTess, I'm going to respectfully disagree with you, my sister. I get what she is saying. If I had a daughter, I would certainly want her to be a DG first and then any other NPC group. However, I've done so much work nationally and am in my 6th year on an NPC committee that I am sure I would have preferences for her based on the school she attended. I probably wouldn't want her to pledge a chapter that had issues or that was historically a WRC simply because I would want the best possible experience for her. If I knew and liked the advisers in one chapter or another, I'd probably want her where I knew there were quality folks like them. I have even called friends who advised groups on campuses where we didn't have a chapter and lobbied for friends' daughters. BUT I would keep ALL this to myself. What I would want might not be a fit for her- but I'd be draining the local wine reserves to keep my mouth shut and be thrilled and positive for her.
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