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I truly, truly do not comprehend. One of the reasons I've been reading GC for so many years - to learn.

But I applaud your realization that it is not your rush.

You daughter didn't even go to your school, if I understand correctly. So what did you have to base your relative ranking on? Some may be a stronger "chapters" (for some definitions of the word "stronger"), but that doesn't make the sorority any stronger/bigger/better, does it? What does being prominent in your community have to do with it?

<swerve> I do understand that such sentiments exist. Years ago, I was at the San Antonio airport greeting women arriving for the DG convention, when a woman walked by, asked what group we were with (despite our DG polo shirts), then literally flicked her finger at her nose as she told us her group. I had never met anyone from her group in my life. Took a while before I was willing to think positively of that group. </swerve>
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