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I hope from your user name you have a doberman (DON'T TELL US!!!) - my dog has a "man crush" on a Dobie and also on a Rottie. Weird, huh? I have a Belgian Tervuren; he's a wild dog, highly obedience trained but oh dear me he's a handful for most people. I'm used to him, though.

OK, then: you are in a fantastic place (GreekChat) to get lots and lots of information. You're a high school senior and you are having lots of exciting things happen this year. Enjoy the ride. Your questions are, I think, pretty reflective of what young women are thinking, so no judgment or blow back from me.

Truth: I went through rush (when God was a baby) with preconceived ideas. It's hard not to, if we are being honest. After Open House round (first day) I wanted to be a member of every group I visited. I cried when I had to drop chapters (pre-RFM). And I was very surprised to end up where I did, because at the time I thought they were too good for me, and I'd never fit in. I was wrong.

I will see if I can find some good threads here and come back and edit with links for you. I'm excited for you, I hope you will find a home and have what we have.
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