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I'm sorry you had such a disappointing recruitment and impressed that you are seeking feedback and quickly regrouping!

Early cuts are typically either due to grades (sounds like you are good there) or first impressions. First impressions are typically impacted by either conversations and/or appearance so let's think about those two.

Conversations - you are seeking a "Goldilocks" level of conversation. Not too much chatter and not too little. Have a few interesting questions ready to go in case there is a lull. If the sister asks you a question follow up with an answer that provides some more information so it doesn't end there.
Ex: Her - What is your major? You - Biology, but I'm not sure yet if I'm interested in veterinary medicine or research. I loved volunteering at the pet rescue this summer!

Practice this sort of thing so you get good at keeping the conversation moving!

Appearance: You definitely don't have to be a 5'7", 115 lb blonde Barbie, but you do need to look put together! Make sure your clothes are flattering and altered to fit your body. Hem those pants and sleeves if needed. Buy the best size for you. Choose outfits that are consistent with what other women are wearing but still reflect your style. You are shooting for nothing too shabby, boring or crazy. Again - ask some friends for input if you are unsure!

Good luck!
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