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Originally Posted by MysticCat View Post
I assume you mean the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Congrats by the way!) But given that people from all over post here, be aware there's also the University of Northern Colorado.

You're not going to get answers here to the kind of questions you're asking: reputations, "good girls," party house, etc. Folks here tend to consider that kind of talk gossipy at best and avoid it.

Good luck!
Okay I understand what you're saying. I don't mean to be gossipy it's just that I don't really know a lot of people there and I know it can be kind of tough at first because the rounds are short and you only talk to girls for a few minutes so I wanted I guess kind of a bearing going into the houses. I don't by any means plan on making my decision based solely off of what I may or may not hear on here though.

And yes, I do mean University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
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