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Originally Posted by dobiegerl View Post
Hi so I'm a senior in high school and will (hopefully) be going to UNC next year and I'd like to rush when I do the problem is I don't really know much about the sororities there. Just curious what the reputations of different houses are. Not like top middle bottom tier but like more what the sororities are actually like. Like which are the good girls, which is the party house, etc. I understand that the girls in each house are unique and divers but in general what are the houses known for.

Thanks in advance!
We hope that you will get to know the women in the chapters personally, and not be influenced by the opinions of people that you don't even know on the Interwebs.

Do you want every chapter there to give you a fair & unbiased chance when you go through rush? you need to do the same for them and ignore rank gossip.
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