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This is really Sciencewoman -- is anyone else having issues with password log in?

I'm logging in with my daughter's account because I cannot log in under mine. I have tried resetting my password, and the reset emails are not including a new password when they're sent.

I stay logged in on my computer, but I tried to reset my password tonight to an "easy to remember" password for logging on via my phone for the Miss America pageant live convo tonight. The email I got only has my user name, not the newly reset password. I've tried it four times...and I'm not getting an email with a new password. There's a link to click on to reset my password, but without getting a temporary one to paste into the "current password" text box, I'm stuck. I've also gotten a couple of weird messages, like "Greek Chat says: no message." So, the system has reset my password, but the emails aren't telling me what it is.

There definitely seems to be some sort of glitch going on. Is anyone else having trouble with this? I can't even access the special paid suscriber help forum, because I can't log on.

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