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Originally Posted by ColdInCanada11 View Post
I joined Alpha Gam when I was 20, and the legal drinking age in my province is 18- even though it's totally legal, I'm not a huge drinker. Quite frankly, alcohol makes me tired and I end up just going to sleep. (If you want fun me, cupcakes and brownies all the way!!) Although I personally have little patience who get smashed, I don't bring it up and discuss- there's no reason to. If you are there are and having fun, most people won't notice. And you don't HAVE to go to everything- just don't go if people are drunk and out of control. I'm going to guess that people are picking up on your mom vibe and not feeling it.
Clarification: by "go to everything" I meant things where alcohol isn't present, if such events are making you uncomfortable.
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