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Originally Posted by LightnAiry View Post
I guess I never spent time just being a kid. From my second grade year onward my priority has been my career goal (I would say what but that would be too much information lol) and other kids didn't understand why I spent all my time focusing on that. I went to a small Christian school my entire life (from 2 to 18) so I never had to make friends, I had them by default. (So I sort of understand what you mean Titchou.) And I've never really seen the need in "figuring out" who I am. I've always known who I am and I like who I am. I see it as a source of pride that I've stayed generally the same. It doesn't help that my personality type is incredibly rare and we tend to not relate well with others.

In terms of fictional characters I'm Hermione Granger + Daria + Monica Geller. lol
Well,Monica worked it out pretty can you. The introvert in me dreaded the idea of even speaking in front of my class. In Delta Gamma, I've spoken to 1,000 people at banquets/convocations at our Convention! I didn't get there overnight. Look at how you can be an even better version of yourself and how you can learn to get along with those who think differently - because that's all we're really talking about here with the examples you've given. You aren't a finished product yet!
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