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Originally Posted by HappyMom2 View Post
I don't want to see her have to give it up, but she is there to get a degree and hopefully get into a good graduate program.
I think I may be the one that mentioned deferring - assuming your daughter attends a school with a more laid-back Greek system where she could just drop and join later. I thought it was something worth mentioning.

"[H]opefully get into a good graduate program." And again, we don't know exactly what you mean by this. Does she aspire to get into a PhD/fellowship program at a major university? Or get an MBA at Anywhere U? If her goal is closer to the former, to be competitive, most people with such a goal must sacrifice any outside activity that interferes with either their grades or their ability spend the time to ingratiate themselves with the professors in their major. Undergraduate grades are everything -- everyone competing for such academic opportunities has them. If they don't have them, they simply do not compete.

I do not wish to see your daughter give up her sorority and hope that she does not. Nevertheless, one of the biggest hurdles people encounter early in college is the fact they are held to adult standards that, from a purely academic standpoint, are very unforgiving and, in some instances, life altering.
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