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Originally Posted by ASTalumna06 View Post
Aaaaaand perhaps these are your people. Maybe they're introverts. Maybe they're waiting for someone to reach out. Maybe they don't feel comfortable yet just showing up at the house by themselves. This is your "in"! These are the women you should be contacting. I'd bet good money that if you asked one of them to hang out, they'd think "thank goodness!" and would be more than happy to go to dinner, or a movie, or for coffee.

Be the friend they need right now!
YYYEEEESSSSSS oookabillion times to this. Refocus your mom urge for good!! Especially if they're freshmen, they might feel over their heads not just with the sorority but also with being away at school in general, and the fact that you're a sophomore and know the lay of the land a little goes a long way. I know as a freshman I would have been a wreck without the upperclass ladies in my dorm.
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