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In a class of 54, you will be able to find a few you can connect with. Chances are, some of them are just saying that they like to go out and party only to feel like they fit in, but given a choice would rather not - or at least not every night. Also, those few who aren't going to the house or participating in the philanthropy might need that extra push to get involved and feel like they are a part of the chapter. Those might be the introverts who aren't comfortable hanging out in a big group, but get them one-on-one or in a small group and they open up.

Are you the only sophomore in your pledge class? For some of these women, it's also their first experience on their own, away from parents. The first month or so might be a constant party (or feel that way) while they get that out of their system, so to speak. Things will settle down.

My pledge class was the farthest thing from cohesive. There was a group of about 8 (out of a class of 25) who seemed to bond right away, and if you weren't part of their group, they really didn't associate with you. The rest of us just kind of did our own thing in small groups, but they were fluid. I became friends with older girls in the house, and as I got older, I found friends in the younger pledge classes. And I learned how to deal with the women with whom I never really got along.
It's gonna be a hootenanny.
Or maybe a jamboree.
Or possibly even a shindig or lollapalooza.
Perhaps it'll be a hootshinpaloozaree. I don't know.
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