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Originally Posted by NYCMS View Post
Lastly, the issues you describe here will follow you post-college...we don't change our stripes that easily. If you don't make some changes now, you will find a company where you have narrow interests, where you're the mom, where you don't fit this is your opportunity to change.
THIS. College is your real shot to learn how to be social. Use it.

I was 21 when I joined my sorority. The other girls in my pledge class were 18-20. It took me a while to make friends, because I had a hard time making friends in college. My best friends (except for one) weren't from my PC. I didn't meet them and get to know them until I got my Big. My advice would be to go as many events as possible. Now here's the kicker- events YOU LIKE. Not "babysitting." Things you enjoy. I did cool things like volunteering and we did arts and crafts style things. We also went out, but I'm sure if you're not into that you can find other opportunities to have fun. If not, create them! Set up a scrap booking day or a yoga class. Then you will find women who have your same interests and you won't find yourself in that "mom" role, you will just be their friend. Good luck.
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