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Originally Posted by LightnAiry View Post
And I would love to do things with them but I have narrow interests better made for an introvert (but I'm an extrovert) and my major isn't an often seen one. Even when we did hang out as a NM class I was running around making sure everyone had everything they needed. I provided most of the equipment needed for the get together. I was pretty much the mom, again.

First, I agree with everyone that you have to stop being a mom. How to stop? Stop doing everything for them as you described about getting the equipment, etc. Stop thinking about what you can do for them (from a "being a mom" standpoint). Actually sit, talk and do nothing for a change!

Second, consider the answer you gave above (along with your other answers) - there seems to be a reason each time "why" you can't be friends with your sisters. First, it's the looking out thing - I get that, we all want friends who do that, but not with a judgmental tone ("underage drinking" comment). Then the reason is the above comment about having narrow's time to widen them! Find some commonality with your sisters. You can't expect to be friends if none of your sisters share your self-described narrow interests so you have to take action if want to bond.

I well remember two of my sisters - one was the ultimate partier; the other was quite conservative, even led a Bible Study among sororities on campus. Yet they bonded over some common interest (can't remember what) and became great buddies.

Lastly, the issues you describe here will follow you post-college...we don't change our stripes that easily. If you don't make some changes now, you will find a company where you have narrow interests, where you're the mom, where you don't fit this is your opportunity to change.
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