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ASTalumna06, our disagreements are very very minor. Like tiffs between sisters would be honestly. But I'm always the vocal minority. And I don't try to come across disapproving. I guess its just how I was raised (conservative in most things) that I come across that way.

33girl, and I go to the bars and tailgates to watch out for them honestly. I did it with friends last year as a non-Greek student as well. I would hate for something bad to happen knowing that I could have done something to stop it. One could say its not my job to do so, but I know I'd feel guilty if I didn't. I don't really go out to have fun. If I weren't watching out for them, I wouldn't go out.

And I would love to do things with them but I have narrow interests better made for an introvert (but I'm an extrovert) and my major isn't an often seen one. Even when we did hang out as a NM class I was running around making sure everyone had everything they needed. I provided most of the equipment needed for the get together. I was pretty much the mom, again.
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