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Originally Posted by LightnAiry View Post
I am absolutely loving the sorority that I ran home to, however I keep having minor conflict with the girls in my NM class. They seem to think I'm odd or a little weird because I stay sober during tailgates and at bars (it's a crime to drink under aged but apparently that doesn't matter to them). They also jump down my throat when I disagree with them on anything. I honestly feel more like their mother than their sister. I think they think I'm a killjoy. Any suggestions? (I am older than some of them but only by a year.)
I would joke with them, "But this way, I'm always available to be your DD!"

Perhaps they think you're odd or weird because you're acting odd or weird. I don't want that to sound mean, but really analyze how you're coming off to them. Are you fine with them drinking, but for some reason come off as if you're not? Maybe you're telling jokes about how you're OK with it, but it sounds strange and they're taking it the wrong way? Or maybe you in some way disapprove of their behavior, and you're one of those people who has a face that everyone can read? The statement in bold above makes me think it's the last point I made here. Of course, it's hard to truly know what you meant reading it on the internet.

And what disagreements have you had with them?

Originally Posted by FSUZeta View Post
Well then, how can you address that? What can you find in common with your pledge class or the initiated sisters? Do you exercise? Maybe someone else likes the same sort as you. Do you enjoy sports? Play on the sorority IM team. Do you like to volunteer your time? Join the committee that plans the philanthropy events, or get some of your pledge sisters to go with you to a volunteer opportunity off campus. Start a study group within the pledge class. Think outside the box.
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