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Originally Posted by HappyMom2 View Post
I know I have had a lot of questions. I really thought that once recruitment was over, I wouldn't wonder about anything sorority related anymore. I was just wondering what Big/Little week is NORMALLY like? My daughter said this is their big/little week and that tomorrow is the reveal. I thought that you get notes or gifts or some sort of surprises during the week, but she hasn't heard anything at all from her Big. Is that normal? Maybe not all sororities do gifts? So far, this week has been non-eventful for her and with tomorrow being the reveal, I'm guessing that is all there is to it. Is that how some sororities do big/little week; just a reveal at the end of the week, but no surprises?
It is good for your daughter to have questions, since sorority life is something new for her and for you. Your daughter has only been a new member two weeks; most new members are initiated after six to eight weeks.

This may need to be a time for your daughter to experience sorority as it comes, rather than as she anticipates it will be based on what we on greekchat can tell her may occur. There are so many variables to Big/Little Reveals. Your daughter might best involve herself in the process by informing you in a phone call all about her new sorority big after she meets her.
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