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I realized last year that women going through recruitment are totally different than 20 years ago. I would NEVER have told someone I had my heart set on somewhere else as I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Last year at my alma mater, we had a young lady who was a legacy going through who we loved. The day before pref she sends a text to our VP Recruitment and says "don't invite me back; I'm not coming to you as I found my home somewhere else." Little did she know we had already sent our lists in and so she was coming to our pref. When bid day came, she was on our list, and we were shocked...and I guess so was she, because she immediately turned down the bid and went home. We later found out she was promised a bid at her other preference, but obviously, for one reason or another, she wasn't high enough on their list and thus ended up with us. I still sorta chuckle about it.
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