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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
It may be primarily a Southern thing, but I've heard many women who've been alums for a long time express regrets about their membership. They talk about how their lives would have been different had they been bid to other groups and in some cases, they're probably right. Glass ceiling and all that.
I think it matters more depending on where you live.

My sorority sister is a Texas transplant from IL.

She said even in adulthood, there is a level of clique-y that exists there based on what sorority you are in.

Ex: She is part of Junior League in her city and women are very "you can't sit with us" at JL events because this table is only for (example) Thetas.

She is not the only Sigma in her League so it is not a huge deal for her, but it is for those who are new to the area, and part of a sorority that does not have representation in that region. Ex: She made friends with a lady who is ASA and has had a hard time getting to know people because everyone has sisters they tend to stick to.

Sidetone: Heaven forbid you are not Greek AT ALL in said League. It's almost unheard of.

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