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How Not To Be a New Member

I am a regular Greekchat member but for reasons that you'll see, I can not use my real name.

I see many girls come onto Greekchat at this time of year and they're unhappy because of their bid. So was I, many years ago.

I had my heart set on one sorority and I don't know why that one exactly because our school had many sororities. I thought they were the greatest. I thought they were a top group and in high school, I was in a middle group. It was nice but I wanted to be at the top for once, just once.

Great Group cut me and I got a bid from a group everyone thought of as "middle". Of course. On bid day, all I did was look over at the GGs and envy all their new members. A few of them were ugly! Some of them were from out of state! And they were screaming and crying and wearing the letters I had dreamed of for months.

I didn't quit because sophomore rerushers rarely did well at my university. I envied GG all year. I was a ghost member of my group, MM. I came to meetings and hid in the back. I didn't volunteer. I thought about transferring and rerushing but what if I ended up in a middle group again? Why didn't anyone think I could be top?

For four years, I enviously watched GG and their successes in everything. They ruled that campus. I was in many activities but knew I could have been in more if GG had opened doors for me. That's how it was at that school. I didn't bond with my sisters.

Now, many years out of school, I really don't have a bond with my sisters although many live nearby, and it's my fault. Worse, I still feel a twinge of longing when I see GG letters. Now this is only with sorority life, I'm not fixated on other things like this, but I will probably never get past that one thing:the freshman sting of feeling like I would never be top.

Don't be like me. Bond with your new sisters and make forever connections.
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