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Hello everyone!

I am the CEO and a Co-Founder of Select-A-Sis (and I am the GPB's nerdy husband mentioned previously in this thread).

I am excited to see all of the discussion around Select-A-Sis from new users and veterans alike. All of our customers in this thread have all the answers.

However, I would be more than happy to answer any specific questions from any of you. I saw a few major themes that shadokat brought up that I would like to answer:
  1. Security: we take security very seriously, and we have worked with each of our national partners to ensure that security standards are met. We earn an A rating for SSL security (, and our database is host, secured, and encrypted with Microsoft Azure. In addition, just to ensure that, in future years, we will not be a point of security failure, we completely clear all of the data for each recruitment year in May.
  2. Scale: during recruitment season, we handle over 15 million votes across over 900 chapters across 20 national organizations. We have handled over 1 million requests per day, easily, and we have individual chapters who cast almost 500,000 votes in a matter of days. shadokat, in response to DPE, we serve about 20 DPE chapters, currently.
  3. Features: we work with each national organization to tailor the SAS Experience to their organization's voting structures and needs (and we have a nondisclosure stating that we will not share any information). In addition, we have the most advanced PNM List, Data Hub, Matching, and Analysis tools on the market. We have had many national organizations recently choose SAS as their sole recruitment product after getting feedback from several chapters that tried each of the products in this space.
  4. Cost: of the products in this space, SAS is the cheapest (ranging from $99 to $299). However, each of our members love what we do, and each of us would prefer to help people with their recruitment wherever possible. While we would like to cover our costs, and we believe our pricing structure is fair, we do not want to price anyone out of the market. Please let us know if you need any assistance regarding payment.

If any of you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to ask me any questions here or at


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