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And I can tell you there is a very strong tendency for girls to be disenchanted when they do get their top pick. The singing and weeping at your feet stops and it quickly becomes a house with a bunch of girls who live there. That is not to diminish the value of sorority membership, but that OMG you're the greatest thing that has ever happened to us! thing goes away. And then it's time to make friends and make your path. Wherever that path may be. So being more than a little mean I say suck it up buttercup. You'll be fine if you decide to be. Or you can be miserable and know you were never good enough for that different group. And that's ridiculous. Once rush is over all of that best and worst business goes away. Rush is a bubble of non-reality. Now is the time for real life, real work, real friends, and a future you can work with.
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