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Carly, if ABC had loved you as much as you loved them, you would've been high enough on their list to have received a bid from them. Had all the chapters you ranked as 1 on days 2and 3 invited you back, XYZ would have dropped off your list. Those things didn't happen, and you are now a new member of XYZ.

Imagine how you would feel if one of your best friends had just joined XYZ chapter-the chapter you love- and proceeded to dislike everything about it; felt the chapter was beneath her. How would your feel? Do you think your friends might be feeling that way?

You are a sophomore. You have the best chance of getting your desired chapter as a freshman. Your choices narrow as a sophomore, and get to the " you should be grateful for any bid" as a junior at many schools. You need to give it more time. You won't be best friends with everyone in XYZ ( or ABC had you joined there), but it will be hard to make any close friends if you don't make a concerted effort. It there is a house, go over daily for lunch and dinner. Introduce yourself to your sisters. Sit with different girls every day. Sit with pledge sisters in class. Walk with them over to the house. Ask some pledge sisters to go get coffee or ice cream. Put yourself out there. Make it work.
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