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Not getting first choice has been discussed before on this site. Be sure to look at those threads. You've been given very good advice by the prior posts.

1) Some people (and groups) are very talented at recruiting and selling. Doesn't matter what they sell. They can sell. They can even sell an image. They are good at it. But in reality, what they are selling is usually not any better than the groups they compete against. Sometimes their product is the same thing. Sometimes it is worse. Rarely, if they put so much effort in selling, is it actually better. Keep this in mind.

2) Good sales people may or may not be good friend material. Even if you joined ABC, the people you conversed with during rush may not be as currently involved in ABC as indicated during your recruitment. The odds are that it would be unlikely that they would ever become your best friend. In any event, if you really hit it off with someone in ABC, there is nothing keeping you from seeking her out and becoming friends with her.

3) Being bored? That's why you don't like XYZ - you were bored? Really?

4) Yes - everybody has had a crush on someone that was not reciprocated. Unfortunately, this is one of those disappointing times. You are understandably heartbroken. But, as advised above, the reality is that, if you want to be in a sorority, you better get over this quickly and try to move on with the single opportunity that you actually have in front of you. (You are not alone here - I suspect that a big percentage of PNMs don't get their first choice.)

5) XYZ likes you. They may even have plans for you of which you may not be aware. I say that you try to give them a chance. And don't ever tell them what you wrote above.

6) Delete this post (or have it deleted) if this is your real name.
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