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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
you might look to see if any of the chapters at W&M have alumnae associations in London, beyond Kappa which was shared above. If you can express interest in lifetime membership, that may help you a bit.
Originally Posted by Sciencewoman View Post
We have an Alumnae Chapter in the UK -- you can read about it here. And, there's an email contact in case you'd like to talk about sorority life, and maybe make a connection for a possible recruitment recommendation, because we have a collegiate chapter at William and Mary. Just sayin'....
Like us, for example?

Nice to see you back, DubaiSis! Don't be a stranger!

Fizzan, I'm glad you had fun during the first round, and I'm glad to hear you decided to participate! Best of luck to you -- please keep us posted!
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