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Having no idea what campus you are on, I still feel pretty confident that this is your only chance. Juniors no matter what campus have a really, really hard time. So, the question is would you rather not be Greek at all than a member of this group? Because, that's probably the reality of your situation. Also, ABC is history for you. If you weren't high enough on their list this year, you won't even be on it next year. So that train has left the station. So, if I were you, I'd power thru for several reasons: no other options in Greek life, 1/4 of the chapter at least will change by next year, you will only be there for 3 years but an alumna for life, the networking opportunities for you down the road -employment, help in a new town, etc. and many more. Be the change you would like to see - reach out to them - don't wait on someone to become YOUR friend. YOU be a friend to SOMEONE ELSE. You'll be glad in the long run. These women wanted you. The least you can do is give them a proper chance.
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