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This is kind of a mish mosh of thoughts but bear with me.

Honesty time.

Let's look at the facts. You are from out of state. You were a late registrant. That probably means you did not/could not secure recs to everyone. You also have the disadvantage of not knowing a lot of girls from school, camp, etc.

That is the recipe for hard cuts.

As to the "I'm going to take this year to get to know people and try next year" thing.

Here's thing.

Every PNM who drops out because they "did not feel a connection" and wants a "better connection next time" generally means that they did not end up with one of the six or so chapters that everyone wants to be in. They are hopeful that one of these six or eight will "connect better" next time.

The thing with that is, these six or eight are the chapters that EVERYONE tends to feel connected with. That is why you know their names when people talk about the "best at UT." They're good at recruitment. They make you feel like you want to be them. It is literally their job to do that.

See also: These are also the chapters who are least likely to pick up sophomores because their classes are mostly freshmen who are known elements from hometowns, school, camp, etc.

I'm not saying do not try again. I'm just saying be honest about your opportunities if you are on the hunt for a certain type or tier of group. You may have diminishing returns with continuing to try a second time.
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