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What do i count as?

I just graduated high school and am about to enter my first year of commuity college. since i took ap classes in high school, ive already finished one year and only need to spend this year at a cc to transfer to a Cal, UCLA, UCSB, or UCI. i plan on double majoring though, so i probably will spend 3 years at a uc after cc. because i will have only done 1 year of college, and i plan on doing 3 more years, do i count as a sophomore when i rush for a fraternity? Also idk if this matters but im pretty young for my grade, i will have just turned 19 when entering a uc school. my cousin told me that i'd definitely be included with sophomores but im still kinda nervous because i know if im counted as a junior that their chances are much slimmer of getting a bid.

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