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Originally Posted by austingammaphi View Post
One of the reasons that UT's sorority fees are so high is because Austin has become a VERY popular place to live and work, and property taxes have skyrocketed in the past two decades as a result. It is very expensive for UT sororities and fraternities to maintain their houses.

My sorority left campus in the late '80s, and there's always talk at alum meetings about how great it would be to be back at UT. And then we start talking about how difficult it will be for any house to come back--many old houses (including our gorgeous chapter house from the late 1950s) have been razed to build condos and high-rise apartments, and the cost of the land alone would be prohibitive for many groups. Anyway, that's part of the reason that UT Greek life can be more costly than at other campuses.
This is a dumb question but are most national GLO's incorporated and registered with the IRS as either not for profit or social organizations? I was under the impression that most fraternities and sororities didn't have to pay property taxes because they were exempt.