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Sparkleberry, as a UT Alpha Phi, I couldn't be more proud of my chapter and am so tickled at your noting how we "rose out of the ashes." I went through rush in the early 90s when the rules in place did not foster equality among the chapters. I think, especially with the new RFM policies in place, there is truly not a weak chapter at UT Austin. That being said, if I were your mother, dear SarahE (and I have a sophomore daughter who is an ADPi at another school in Texas), I would advise you to wait a year. I know that Greek life is very, very fun and rewarding, but preparing for rush takes time. You are in for about a month of high level stress. I guess if you know that going in and have made your peace with it, that's okay. But I really don't think you'd have a disadvantage going through recruitment as a sophomore. And you'd have a year to get to know sorority women and to be known by them--that can only help you as an OOS student. Best wishes whatever you decide to do!